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So Many Options For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Canon City offers so many outdoor activities in the Royal Gorge Region. For starters, some of the best rock climbing in the state is located just north of town up Shelf Road. For you cyclists, it gets even better — you can ride for miles on dirt or paved roads to Cripple Creek and enjoy amazing scenery along the way. The Arkansas River offers outstanding rafting, kayaking, and fishing opportunities either on your own or with an outfitter. If you enjoy running, try Tunnel Drive or the Arkansas River Walk where you’ll have miles and miles of trails off the beaten path.

The Royal Gorge Region isn’t Summit County with a Starbucks on every corner and far too many fellow travelers to compete with. The Royal Gorge Region offers up an authentic Colorado experience with less crowds and friendly locals ready to help.

If you’re into kayaking, ask about the local “play wave” located in town that is amazing during spring run-off. Red Canyon Park, located just north of town, is like the Garden of the Gods (sans crowds), and Shelf Road is a pretty spectacular place to explore. A challenging mountain bike ride is to head south on 1st street toward Temple Canyon Road, circle around toward Parkdale and bike back to Cañon City on Highway 50. You can also check with the Royal Gorge Bridge to see if you can cycle across the bridge from the south side and cut off some miles. Phantom Canyon Road is another favorite place to mountain bike.

And when you’re finally ready to relax, book your journey aboard the Royal Gorge Route for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!